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Tibor Sarkady

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Tibor Sarkady worked at the KFKI Research Institute during the day and in the fall of 1956, began his nighttime studies at the Technical University in Budapest, where he first learned about the Revolution. Sarkady was an active freedom fighter and only when no hope remained, did he escape from Hungary and emigrate to the US.

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Dr. Susan Papp Aykler

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Dr. Susan Papp Aykler has been President of the Rákóczi Foundation of Canada since 2001. The organization primarily supports the education of Hungarian youth from across the border and in North America through scholarships. In addition, the Foundation has organized the Students Without Boundaries every year since 1994.

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Lajos Macsotai and Family

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Macsotai Lajos was born in the mining town of Tatabanya, Hungary in 1939.  His father Macsotai Lajos was working for the local church when he was recruited into the Hungarian military, which was controlled by the German army.  He was taken to the Russian front to fight and in the winter of 1942 was declared missing after a battle at the Don River. 

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Edith K. Lauer

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Edith K. Lauer is one of the Founders and presently Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition (HAC). As President of HAC, she represented the Hungarian American community at several key White House discussions with President Clinton and administration officials on NATO expansion from 1994 to 1997.

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László Latkóczy-Osváth

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Born in Budapest in 1925, László Latkóczy-Osváth was working in the city’s Nyugati railroad station when the revolution broke out on October 23. He was able to provide the metal rods from the station that were used to topple Stalin’s statue. László Latkóczy-Osváth immediately joined the freedom fighters and fought for days alongside many others.

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