Dr. Susan Papp Aykler *

Dr. Susan Papp Aykler has been President of the Rákóczi Foundation of Canada since 2001. The organization primarily supports the education of Hungarian youth from across the border and in North America through scholarships. In addition, the Foundation has organized the Students Without Boundaries every year since 1994. Each year, more than 100 talented young people from all over the Carpathian Basin and North America participate in this program. In total, there are now 3550 participants who have completed the program. The aim of the program is to deepen participants’ knowledge of history, literature and ethnography, to make friends from all regions of the Carpathian Basin, to meet young people from the diaspora and to share cultural treasures from home and the experience of being a minority.

The Rákoczi Foundation is a pillar of the community in its commitment to students through scholarship programs and grants, support of conferences at the University of Toronto and publications. In addition, the Foundation has been involved in an ongoing oral history project to record the histories of 1956.

Since 2015, Dr. Papp Aykler has been editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Canadian American Hungarian”. It is the only Hungarian-language press serving the North American diaspora. The newspaper has over 2000 subscribers and thousands of followers on Facebook.