János * and Emmy Főző Stubits *

John Stubits was born in Hungary, where he earned two engineering degrees, worked as a mining engineer in Budapest and participated in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Stubits emigrated to the United States with his wife and two daughters as a political refugee and worked as a surveyor while obtaining a third engineering degree in civil engi­neering from Wayne State University and subsequently worked as a civil engineer for Ford Motor Company. Stubits loved to play cards, go to the beach, recite Hungarian poetry, play tennis and Ping Pong with his wife, Emilia, who subsequently became a Michigan doubles table tennis champion. She passed away eight years ago. Janos was President of the Freedom Fighters Federation of Detroit for more than 50 years and fluently spoke Hungarian, English, Portuguese and Spanish. He passed away at the age of 96 due to Covid-19 complications.