Dr. Károly * and Nóra Szabó *

Nóra Kiss was born in Budapest in 1939. A talented artist in her youth, she attended the Gymnasium of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest until the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. She witnessed the Revolution, and following its defeat, she escaped to Austria with her family. The Kiss family immigrat­ed to the U.S. and settled in Maryland. In 1959 she married Károly Szabó, a fellow 1956 refugee who escaped with the family. In 1963 her son, Ákos, was born. She continued her studies in art first at Syracuse University and later in California.

In 1971, the Szabó family moved to Vienna, Austria, where Károly became a technical advisor to the United Nations and Nóra continued her work as an abstract artist. She accompanied Károly on many trips to various parts of the world, including South America, the Far East and Africa. Over the past 40 years Nóra has had many solo and group exhibits. Her paintings can be found in private and public collections in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary and the US. The themes that run through most of her art are the changing of time, the ”winding and unwinding liquid thread” that runs through human history and the historical power of changes that rhythmically occur.