Drs. Sándor * and Rozália Haraszti *

(March 2, 1920 – January 16, 1998)
Alexander Haraszti was a physician/surgeon and Baptist minister. He was born in Soltvadkert, Hungary on March 2, 1920; and died in Atlanta, Georgia on January 16, 1998. He married Rosalie Ban of Orgovany, Hungary in 1943. They had 6 children: two sons, three daughters, and one son deceased.
Haraszti gained a doctorate in linguistics and was ordained a Baptist minister in Budapest in 1944. He then worked as a pastor to support himself while he and his wife completed medical studies at Semmelweis University in Budapest, where he practiced medicine as well as teaching at the Baptist seminary.

During the Hungarian uprising against Soviet domination in 1956, Haraszti fled to Vienna with his family, and then to the United States. He and his wife opened a medical practice in Atlanta and he became a surgical resident at three Atlanta hospitals.

Being ordained a Baptist minister, Alexander Haraszti met Rev. Billy Graham and became the architect and translator of Billy Graham’s Eastern European visits in the 1970s and 1980s.