Éder Árpád Jozsef *

Éder Árpád József was born in 1937 in (what is today) Bucharest. Romania. At an early age, his family moved to Csepel, Hungary. During the horrific years of communist occupation, he found solace in sports. He was the second string goal keeper for the Hungarian National Soccer Team, third string goal keeper for the Hungarian World Cup Team (the Golden Team), and was on the Hungarian National Gymnastics Team. He secured a spot on the Hungarian Olympic Team for his choice of either gymnastics or soccer. Due to the Revolution, this dream would not be realized.

While working as a movie projector operator, he learned the Revolution had erupted. After a series of events, he found himself joining arms with his fellow country men and women in their fight for freedom. He fought bravely, gallantly, and selflessly throughout the 12 days of National Freedom and during the final moments of the Revolution. He was a member of the Corvin Coz Fighters, among other groups. Narrowly escaping with his life, and out of fear for his and his family’s lives, he escaped his home¬land and began a new life seeking freedom in the US. In the US, he enlisted in the US Army to protect the freedoms he so fervently believes in.