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Sandor Alex Boldizsar Sr.

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Sandor Alex Boldizsar, Sr. was born February 20, 1934, in Udvard, Hungary, one of eight children of Ethel Kovacs and Bela Boldizsar. He eventually made his way to Budapest to apprentice in a factory and at 22 years old, fought valiantly in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution where he was gravely wounded.

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Tibor Baranski

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Tibor Baranski was a Hungarian-American credited with saving more than 3,000 Hungarian Jewish women, men and children from the Nazis during the Holocaust. When he was 22, he was forced by the advancing Soviets to leave his seminary studies and return to Budapest.

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Alexovics / Udvarhelyi / Hill Families

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In 1956, the Alexovics family fled Hungary to Switzerland, and after waiting 5 years for a US immigration visa, emigrated to the US. Károly Alexovics and his family settled in Los Angeles in 1961, where he worked in a sign shop as an engraver.

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